Our Love is a Fairytale - Sharon + Akshay

The most beautiful connection between two individuals is one that is pure, honest and true. A journey between two hearts takes on many roads of varying terrain, each representing their own level of challenges to overcome. It is only through a sustained system of support, love, friendship and trust that these two hearts will inevitably overcome anything which stands in their way and create the unbreakable bond that is true eternal friendship and love.

Sharon and Akshay had their own share of life's hurdles when they first began their adventure. Spending a large portion of their early relationship in two different major Canadian cities, Calgary and Toronto, they experienced the typical long-distance hurdles whilst maintaining of strong focus on their scholarly duties. Both in the medical field at critical times in their studies, they balanced crucial exam prep between thousands of hours of Skype and monthly flights to and from Calgary to Toronto.

Aware that their lives will only become busier, as their careers and family blossoms, having succeeded in these early trials they can both rest assured that together as a team there really isn't anything they can't overcome. 

This is Sharon + Akshay.

Alexis + Patrick // My Best Friend

Soon I will have worked my 400th wedding. I've encountered couples from every variety, from all over the world, each with their own unique tale and personalities. As a wedding cinematography company our goal is take an event, which could be related to groundhog day, and find the new story in each and every encounter. The only way that's been possible is by focusing on the people. 

Alexis and Patrick captivated us instantly with their love for one-another, passion towards cinematography (we LOVE that!) and their overall energy and optimistic vibe towards life in general. There are certain personalties out there who truly can pull at your heart strings and bring you to a new level of appreciation, even for a world you've known and loved for so many years. These individuals are special, and it's important that you recognize them when you're lucky enough to cross paths. 

This is Alexis and Patrick.



Photography: Mango Studios
Planner: Veronique from Rebecca Chan

Ashly + Ravi . Punta Cana

Right from the get go, we knew Ravi and Ashley were a special pair. After sharing the most delicious fried chicken and Bao at Kanpai, we were charged with excitement. 

Here were a couple of snippets from our first convo….. Helicopter…. YES, Audi R8…. YES, DOMINICAN….. HELL YES, and the details to follow were just the icing on the already exquisite cake. Essentially our dream film come to life!

Our time together with Ravi and Ashley kicked off with a romp around the streets of Toronto in the white rocket. This vehicle is even impressive to those unfamiliar to the car world, it is a hot number!! This wet our palettes to the next activity, taking us to even greater heights….. A Helicopter tour around the skyline of Toronto. Ashley not one for heights, took courage as they soared through the sky. She may be a convert- don’t quote us though ;) 

One of Ravi and Ashley's favourite areas of Toronto is Yorkville, so naturally a quick jaunt was necessary. As we learnt in the time spent together, quality of life is important to them (as it should be), and therefore they have a real joie de vivre that is infectious to anyone around them. 

Next we joined them at their home. Did we mention they have another family member? Last year they adopted a dog name Thor, and like them he has a radiant quality about him. We were reminded of our love for our sweet mascot Brucey, and loved seeing them relish in their family time together.

We are so lucky when we are able to have a snapshot into a clients life, we were truly blessed to get the experience of developing a relationship with this couple. 

Next the Dominican! We were graciously welcomed by their friends and family. Everyone was so kind, and clearly their for fun and celebration! We found a small town in the hills outside of Punta Cana called La Romana. It was modelled after an Italian Village, and had cobble stoned streets and an amphitheater. It was the perfect backdrop for a shoot. Ashley wore had a gorgeous wardrobe that really complimented our surroundings, it was stunning. We were able to get crazy aerial shots, much to the excitements of the tourists near by! 

The highlight of the trip was an epic boat cruise. Dancing, diving, and lots of drinking ensued. Everyone had an amazing time... way too much fun in the sun!

Finally the wedding day, and the most beautiful bride and groom. All 70 guests gathered to watch their marriage on the beach, it was very touching. The couple read their own vows, under the very warm Dominican sun.

We are so lucky to experience all of this adventure and travel our job has to offer. We had such great fun with these two and wish them a life time of happiness. And as always we had the most incredible time working alongside the consistently brilliant team from Z Molu Photography. Z lent us a few snippets from his highlights for this post and they're truly beautiful photos! #youcantseelikeZ

We are beyond excited to now share with you our first film from this new year. This wedding was an experience and I hope you enjoy a look into the journey Ashley & Ravi took us on! 

When He Found Her - Fine Art Photography

When He Found Her- Reid Lambshead

Over the past couple of years we have had the great pleasure of working alongside Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her. In the process of observing his technique as a photographer, we have also gotten to know him behind the scenes. 

Reid is a loving family man, who takes great pride in his craft. His dedication to always putting forth his best work has been inspiring to us as artists and reminds us of why we are passionate about the wedding industry. 

The word organic is very overused in our field, but Reid truly reflects that authenticity in each photograph. He captures honest moments, that represent real meaning to the couples he works with. His portfolio showcases a range of beautiful moments that are each unique, and yet all have the same sincerity at their core. 

We are lucky to call Reid a friend as well as a colleague, so when given the opportunity to create a film encompassing his artistry we were instantly on board. This film is a small snippet of the brilliance he offers as a photographer, it is also a portrait of his gorgeous family Emily, Paige and Cali the golden retriever. 


Clair & Mark . Cortona

We've been incredibly lucky to experience the scenic landscapes of Italy annually since about 2008 now. Working closely with Romantic Italian Weddings, headed up by Marco Bernasconi, we've collaborated with some truly unique and wonderful people at their two villas (Baroncino and San Crispolto).

This past August we travelled back to Villa Baroncino for our lucky 13th wedding in Italy. Mark & Clair had reached out to us August 2014 and we immediately struck up a wonderful connection after our first Skype sessions. They're a silly couple who love to laugh and pretty huge movie buffs... so for us this was the perfect match! Italy has also become a huge part in both of our lives as Laura and I have now built up several great friendships in Tuscany over the years, and it's really grown on us and become easily one of our favourite places on Earth. Much like Mark & Clair who are obsessed with the architecture, food, people and  the sheer beauty of it all. So much so that they were engaged whilst on a trip to Venice in front of Mark's favourite church (II Redentore), which is quite the spot for a proposal! 

They're wedding was filled with heartfelt emotional exchanges, laughter and an undeniably forceful energy. Mark and his groomsmen spent the morning in the pool and in a Super Smash Brother's tourny on Nintendo, whilst Clair and her bridesmaids relaxed in the bridal suite of Baroncino, sipping on prosecco, sharing in several laughs and emotions as they prepared for the day ahead. The ceremony was held at city hall in Cortona, Umbria. The town is situated on top of a beautiful hill overlooking the most breathtaking landscape we've ever seen... every time it gets us! And the beautifully consistent orange rooftops made for quite the visual treat with our new aerial camera (drone). Italy is meant to be viewed from above. :) 

Mark & Clair and their entire group of family and friends welcomed us with open arms and treated us as though we're guests. It was such an honour to share this time with them and capture their experience. They are a wonderful pair and we wish nothing but the best for them in their future together as Mr & Mrs Jeffery! Please enjoy their highlight film below:

Yury + TOM . Dominican

Every couple we work with has a story. Each couple is unique, and as cinematographers we love to capture the individuality and create a piece that feels genuine. 

Yury and Tom were absolutely amazing. We were lucky enough to travel to the Dominican Republic to celebrate their incredible wedding day with them both. We were immediately immersed into the festivities which began with boat party cruising through the Dominican waters in search of the perfect snorkel and swimming spots. At one point everyone cooled off in a short rain shower as the boat crew served guests traditional drinks from a floating bar. Blayre surprised everyone as the drone lifted off the boat and captured breath taking aerial views of the awesome party below, it was a fantastic day!

Next up, a wedding day to go down in the books. Fire dancing, pirate ships, lobster, to name a few highlights! The ceremony was held at Huracan Cafe just a short trip from the preps location at Now Larimar Resort. It was the ideal beach setting with little to no intrusion from unwanted tourists, beautiful soft golden sand and an incredible decor flourishing the interiors of the cafe. It was an emotional experience for everyone which soon led us through some touching speeches and eventually to an eventually to what the locals call "Crazy Hour", which is an impressive display of fire dancing and New Orleans-esque costume dance party.  

We had one more thing to do before we left…. Trash the dress!!! This was particularly special as we had an opportunity to visit Hoya Azul, a hidden cenote located at the foot of a 75 foot high cliff with the most incredible turquoise waters we had ever seen in nature. Yury and Tom were such troopers as we headed off into the jungle. Yury looking gorgeous in her wedding gown from the day before, Tom, handsome and dapper. Along with the brilliant photography team, Joee Wong and James Correia, they posed on the elegant cliff and slowly worked up to a breathtaking plunge into the awesome turquoise water- it was truly magical! 

We are so proud to share with you their highlights film:

music licensed through The Music Bed

It was truly an honour to capture this wonderful experience in the DR with Yury & Tom. And it all wouldn't have worked out as well without such an incredible team of vendors:

Photography: Joee + James
Cinematography: Blayre + Laura | Elle & Be Films
Wedding Planner: The Bride 
Wedding Planner (Punta Cana): Mayte + Natalia | Weddings by Mayte 
 Truvelle (from Sash and Bustle)
Hair: Suzie | Suzie Kim Bridal Hair
Make-Up: Christine | Christine Cho Beauty
Floral CrownJewel Feathers
Venue: Huracan Cafe
AccommodationsNow Lorimar

Junebug Weddings

What an honour to wake up to this amazing news! Junebug Weddings, one of the leading online wedding planning resources, selected Elle & Be Films as one of the top 10 Videography teams in Ontario. We work so hard to create a collaborative experience with each couple that we work with, it is so amazing to have reminders like this in the industry! 

Our goal as a team is to customize each experience. We don't want it to feel like a rigid cookie cutter, factory line. Blayre and I both want to feel like we encapsulate the spirit of the event, unique and personal. Together we have travelled all over the world, meeting amazing people, creating stories that we are both incredibly proud of. Thanks to Junebug Weddings for the recognition. 


New for 2016 we will be offering our brand new slow motion booth to bring a new element of enjoyment to your event. Currently only available in the GTA. Contact us for more info regarding pricing. Here's a taste of what you can expect at your own booth:

It was crazy, everyone was pretty excited to get in there and do their thing, super high energy and lots of fun!

We learnt the best props to use in this kind of scenario are bright and colorful eye catching accessories, and large particles, that will flutter and fall slowly to the ground. Try colorful ballons, feather boas, confetti and of course the star of the night- Silly String. Make sure to have lots of this on hand as people go nuts for it!

For the techies...Shot on the GH4 at 96fps

Garima & Rajiv // Welcome 2015!

We're so SO happy to have the wedding season now officially underway! It's been a long winter, as we all know, which as definitely stirred up our anxiety for sunshine... which seems to ever so slightly be showing it's face. To kick off this amazing year (we're expecting big things!) we were fortunate enough to spend a week with Garima & Rajiv for their many vibrantly energized wedding events. One of the perks of our line of work is the many different cultural experiences we encounter which all circle around the universal language of love - This Punjabi wedding was colourful in every corner, spiritual to the core and entertaining throughout. It was a beautiful heartwarming experience which we'll never forget!

Vendor Shout-out:

Wedding coordination: Zardozi
Photography: Flashing Lights Photo + Design
makeup and Hair: Amplified Soul Makeup and Hair Couture
Henna: Sonia Makeup & Henna Artist
Décor: Inds Decor - Event Decorators & Planners

Maria & Jason

It took little more than a minute upon first meeting Maria & Jason to realize what a treat we were in for. They're such a complimentary duo with wonderful energy and an inspiring passion for life. We were hooked instantly and couldn't wait to get started!

After spending some time discovering more about M&J, it was time to film their energized version of an engagement shoot. It was like spending an afternoon with a couple good friends as we captured them engaged in several activities, most of which were quite physical! 

Fast-forward several months and it was finally time to capture this beautiful couple getting married at 13th Street Winery in St. Catherines, Ontario. It was the perfect backdrop to such a lovely day. We especially loved the exhilarating start to the day on the gun range with the boys! From the stunning vineyard ceremony to the elegant dinner at the country club, this wedding was an amazing experience which we are so thrilled to be a part of.

NOTL Magic Love Time

This beautiful ceremony was held in NOTL at the gorgeous Cave Spring Vineyard. The reception was held at the Inn on the Twenty. Chris & Melissa are our very close friends and as such we were honoured to have been included in their festivities. They are incredible people with a very close group of wonderful friends and family. It was a warm hearted lively experience which we'll never forget. Congratulations guys!


Taylor Jackson Photography

While filming the interview portion of this promo, Taylor impersonated Christian Bale's Batman voice with eery precision shattering my futile attempt to portray a deeply focused professional behind the lens. When planning to spend a day with Taylor Jackson, whether it be business or pleasure, you must always prepare yourself for hysterics.

I'm so impressed by Taylor's focused approach to his world - where he wants to go and what he wants to accomplish. He's already sold photos to American Idol, which ended up as billboards in LA and NYC, he's a published author and has quiet a travel journal (which I've seen he video blogs about!). On top of it all he's a full time wedding photographer working internationally... and he's finalizing his first full-length documentary film (director, producer, camera op, many hats...). When he asked me to collaborate on this promo video I immediately accepted without so much as a flinch. 

We spent an afternoon ripping around Toronto in his crazy cool little hybrid Lexus listening to Kanye West, discussing architectural developments in the downtown core. It wasn't long before we found ourselves getting a few trendy shots of Taylor fueling up at Starbucks. Caffeine does make you clever and the white cups look so fashiony. We walked through record shops, ate Thai food, crossed the street at Dundas Square and even did a silly walk down the street. It was similar to an engagement session with a wedding couple, except it was just Taylor. 

I've worked a few weddings alongside Taylor over the past year or two and each time, without fail, he leaves me feeling inspired. Laura expects me to engage in serious conversation about the book I'd like to write, or the new company ideas I have, and even the glamorous trips I'd like to drop everything to engage in. It's not that I don't have these thoughts regularly, but Taylor is the kind of guy who causes you to re-think where you're focusing your mind's energies. It's refreshing to see someone who doesn't settle and fully believes in himself and his work. And his work, in one word, is wonderful. I'm eager to find out where he will go next and where he'll inspire me to go! Have a quick look at the promo video we created together for Taylor Jackson Photography.