Emma & Brennan

One of the best parts of our job is getting to meet such amazing people. Each couple is so unique in their own way, their differences make it easy to create narratives that are personal and distinct. 

Emma and Brennan got married in Buckhorn, On. Previous to meeting the two we were unfamiliar with the area, but we quickly understood why one would want to marry in such a place. Buckhorn is in the county of Peterborough and is absolute heaven, miles and miles of nature span as far as the eye can see. Considering the scale of where the wedding was held, it felt very intimate as it was held at Emma's parents farm. Earthy, and heartfelt, it was an extension of the relationship these two already share. Everyone in attendance was there to celebrate together, it was sincere, and pure, the connection was felt by all. 

We are so lucky to have taken part in a day like this. To see two new parents sharing their love for each other with their newborn present. It was truly beautiful.

Elle & Be xoxo