Clair & Mark . Cortona

We've been incredibly lucky to experience the scenic landscapes of Italy annually since about 2008 now. Working closely with Romantic Italian Weddings, headed up by Marco Bernasconi, we've collaborated with some truly unique and wonderful people at their two villas (Baroncino and San Crispolto).

This past August we travelled back to Villa Baroncino for our lucky 13th wedding in Italy. Mark & Clair had reached out to us August 2014 and we immediately struck up a wonderful connection after our first Skype sessions. They're a silly couple who love to laugh and pretty huge movie buffs... so for us this was the perfect match! Italy has also become a huge part in both of our lives as Laura and I have now built up several great friendships in Tuscany over the years, and it's really grown on us and become easily one of our favourite places on Earth. Much like Mark & Clair who are obsessed with the architecture, food, people and  the sheer beauty of it all. So much so that they were engaged whilst on a trip to Venice in front of Mark's favourite church (II Redentore), which is quite the spot for a proposal! 

They're wedding was filled with heartfelt emotional exchanges, laughter and an undeniably forceful energy. Mark and his groomsmen spent the morning in the pool and in a Super Smash Brother's tourny on Nintendo, whilst Clair and her bridesmaids relaxed in the bridal suite of Baroncino, sipping on prosecco, sharing in several laughs and emotions as they prepared for the day ahead. The ceremony was held at city hall in Cortona, Umbria. The town is situated on top of a beautiful hill overlooking the most breathtaking landscape we've ever seen... every time it gets us! And the beautifully consistent orange rooftops made for quite the visual treat with our new aerial camera (drone). Italy is meant to be viewed from above. :) 

Mark & Clair and their entire group of family and friends welcomed us with open arms and treated us as though we're guests. It was such an honour to share this time with them and capture their experience. They are a wonderful pair and we wish nothing but the best for them in their future together as Mr & Mrs Jeffery! Please enjoy their highlight film below: