Our Love is a Fairytale - Sharon + Akshay

The most beautiful connection between two individuals is one that is pure, honest and true. A journey between two hearts takes on many roads of varying terrain, each representing their own level of challenges to overcome. It is only through a sustained system of support, love, friendship and trust that these two hearts will inevitably overcome anything which stands in their way and create the unbreakable bond that is true eternal friendship and love.

Sharon and Akshay had their own share of life's hurdles when they first began their adventure. Spending a large portion of their early relationship in two different major Canadian cities, Calgary and Toronto, they experienced the typical long-distance hurdles whilst maintaining of strong focus on their scholarly duties. Both in the medical field at critical times in their studies, they balanced crucial exam prep between thousands of hours of Skype and monthly flights to and from Calgary to Toronto.

Aware that their lives will only become busier, as their careers and family blossoms, having succeeded in these early trials they can both rest assured that together as a team there really isn't anything they can't overcome. 

This is Sharon + Akshay.