When He Found Her - Fine Art Photography

When He Found Her- Reid Lambshead

Over the past couple of years we have had the great pleasure of working alongside Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her. In the process of observing his technique as a photographer, we have also gotten to know him behind the scenes. 

Reid is a loving family man, who takes great pride in his craft. His dedication to always putting forth his best work has been inspiring to us as artists and reminds us of why we are passionate about the wedding industry. 

The word organic is very overused in our field, but Reid truly reflects that authenticity in each photograph. He captures honest moments, that represent real meaning to the couples he works with. His portfolio showcases a range of beautiful moments that are each unique, and yet all have the same sincerity at their core. 

We are lucky to call Reid a friend as well as a colleague, so when given the opportunity to create a film encompassing his artistry we were instantly on board. This film is a small snippet of the brilliance he offers as a photographer, it is also a portrait of his gorgeous family Emily, Paige and Cali the golden retriever.