Ashly + Ravi . Punta Cana

Right from the get go, we knew Ravi and Ashley were a special pair. After sharing the most delicious fried chicken and Bao at Kanpai, we were charged with excitement. 

Here were a couple of snippets from our first convo….. Helicopter…. YES, Audi R8…. YES, DOMINICAN….. HELL YES, and the details to follow were just the icing on the already exquisite cake. Essentially our dream film come to life!

Our time together with Ravi and Ashley kicked off with a romp around the streets of Toronto in the white rocket. This vehicle is even impressive to those unfamiliar to the car world, it is a hot number!! This wet our palettes to the next activity, taking us to even greater heights….. A Helicopter tour around the skyline of Toronto. Ashley not one for heights, took courage as they soared through the sky. She may be a convert- don’t quote us though ;) 

One of Ravi and Ashley's favourite areas of Toronto is Yorkville, so naturally a quick jaunt was necessary. As we learnt in the time spent together, quality of life is important to them (as it should be), and therefore they have a real joie de vivre that is infectious to anyone around them. 

Next we joined them at their home. Did we mention they have another family member? Last year they adopted a dog name Thor, and like them he has a radiant quality about him. We were reminded of our love for our sweet mascot Brucey, and loved seeing them relish in their family time together.

We are so lucky when we are able to have a snapshot into a clients life, we were truly blessed to get the experience of developing a relationship with this couple. 

Next the Dominican! We were graciously welcomed by their friends and family. Everyone was so kind, and clearly their for fun and celebration! We found a small town in the hills outside of Punta Cana called La Romana. It was modelled after an Italian Village, and had cobble stoned streets and an amphitheater. It was the perfect backdrop for a shoot. Ashley wore had a gorgeous wardrobe that really complimented our surroundings, it was stunning. We were able to get crazy aerial shots, much to the excitements of the tourists near by! 

The highlight of the trip was an epic boat cruise. Dancing, diving, and lots of drinking ensued. Everyone had an amazing time... way too much fun in the sun!

Finally the wedding day, and the most beautiful bride and groom. All 70 guests gathered to watch their marriage on the beach, it was very touching. The couple read their own vows, under the very warm Dominican sun.

We are so lucky to experience all of this adventure and travel our job has to offer. We had such great fun with these two and wish them a life time of happiness. And as always we had the most incredible time working alongside the consistently brilliant team from Z Molu Photography. Z lent us a few snippets from his highlights for this post and they're truly beautiful photos! #youcantseelikeZ

We are beyond excited to now share with you our first film from this new year. This wedding was an experience and I hope you enjoy a look into the journey Ashley & Ravi took us on!