Alexis + Patrick // My Best Friend

Soon I will have worked my 400th wedding. I've encountered couples from every variety, from all over the world, each with their own unique tale and personalities. As a wedding cinematography company our goal is take an event, which could be related to groundhog day, and find the new story in each and every encounter. The only way that's been possible is by focusing on the people. 

Alexis and Patrick captivated us instantly with their love for one-another, passion towards cinematography (we LOVE that!) and their overall energy and optimistic vibe towards life in general. There are certain personalties out there who truly can pull at your heart strings and bring you to a new level of appreciation, even for a world you've known and loved for so many years. These individuals are special, and it's important that you recognize them when you're lucky enough to cross paths. 

This is Alexis and Patrick.



Photography: Mango Studios
Planner: Veronique from Rebecca Chan