The Wedding of Ramona & Arpit . Casa Loma & Liberty Grand

A wedding can be so much more than two people committing themselves to each other. Marriage is the beginning of one journey, and the end of another.  It is the convergence point of two families, whose paths were always destined to intersect. For their energies were meant to support one another's, and they have always been intended to grow and strengthen, as one spiritual body. 

The stunning wedding of Ramona & Arpit ran its course over several days in July of 2017. The families enjoyed festivities in the Mendhi, Sangeet, and Maiyaan before their enchanting ceremony which began with an exciting display of dance and song during the Bharat as the Groom's family approached the grand doors of Casa Loma to greet the family of the Bride. Their garden ceremony was perfectly picturesque, and a perfect representation of the beauty at the core of this bond. 

Their reception took place at the landmark Ontario Government Building, housing the Liberty Grand Entertainment complex. Laura & Co. Events performed admirably in their planning and execution of all events and organizing this exciting week or unity and celebration. It was a feast for the soul and a reminder of what truly drives us in our passion for storytelling. We hope that you enjoy their highlight film!