Bruce + All the Small Things


Today Bruce turns 3. Birthdays are always crazy because they represent all of the milestones and events that have happened in life. Since Bruce came into our world, Toronto has been our home, Elle and Be has really flourished, and we have become even more of a family then we were before. Bruce has so many precious qualities that I see in Blayre and myself. It has been a real privilege getting to know his personality. Much like a person, he tells us when he loves us, his excitement is contagious, he lets us know when he wants to have time to himself, and he never hesitates to let us know when he would like a sampling of our food. He is so dear to our hearts, he is a daily inspiration, and just by looking into his eyes helps us both see the bigger picture. We have loved every minute, and continue to take in all of the small things as they come along. First it was the first walk, to the first sleep together, now it ranges from adorable yawns, to morning cuddles. It is all pretty awesome.  

As cinematographers we love discovering the small moments. It is moments like those morning cuddles that make life worth living, and having the ability to look back at all of our videos and pictures is something that we will always have to treasure and encapsulate this time in our lives, and when we became a family.  

On another note, happy Remembrance Day to all the men and women who dedicated and gave their lives to this amazing country. We are proud to be Canadian, Lest We Forget. 

Elle & Be xoxo

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Bruce 1.jpg