Taylor Jackson Photo

Taylor Jackson Photography

While filming the interview portion of this promo, Taylor impersonated Christian Bale's Batman voice with eery precision shattering my futile attempt to portray a deeply focused professional behind the lens. When planning to spend a day with Taylor Jackson, whether it be business or pleasure, you must always prepare yourself for hysterics.

I'm so impressed by Taylor's focused approach to his world - where he wants to go and what he wants to accomplish. He's already sold photos to American Idol, which ended up as billboards in LA and NYC, he's a published author and has quiet a travel journal (which I've seen he video blogs about!). On top of it all he's a full time wedding photographer working internationally... and he's finalizing his first full-length documentary film (director, producer, camera op, many hats...). When he asked me to collaborate on this promo video I immediately accepted without so much as a flinch. 

We spent an afternoon ripping around Toronto in his crazy cool little hybrid Lexus listening to Kanye West, discussing architectural developments in the downtown core. It wasn't long before we found ourselves getting a few trendy shots of Taylor fueling up at Starbucks. Caffeine does make you clever and the white cups look so fashiony. We walked through record shops, ate Thai food, crossed the street at Dundas Square and even did a silly walk down the street. It was similar to an engagement session with a wedding couple, except it was just Taylor. 

I've worked a few weddings alongside Taylor over the past year or two and each time, without fail, he leaves me feeling inspired. Laura expects me to engage in serious conversation about the book I'd like to write, or the new company ideas I have, and even the glamorous trips I'd like to drop everything to engage in. It's not that I don't have these thoughts regularly, but Taylor is the kind of guy who causes you to re-think where you're focusing your mind's energies. It's refreshing to see someone who doesn't settle and fully believes in himself and his work. And his work, in one word, is wonderful. I'm eager to find out where he will go next and where he'll inspire me to go! Have a quick look at the promo video we created together for Taylor Jackson Photography.